Salman Khan fans waited for a long time to get the first glimpse of his next venture. In what will make you sit up and think WTH was that, the teaser starts off with a goon grabbing the kurta of Tabu to challenge her brother to a duel. Flinging his turquoise, apparently lucky bracelet, Sallu comes out in the field to indulge in some Dabbang  style action. He throws people around and making goons look like organic punching bags with weirdly dubbed ‘Aam aadmi sote hue sher ki tarah hai’ dialogue.

The teaser has fast framed shots of scenes but you still get a scene that the film was scripted after watching Tere Naam, Singham, Wanted and a few South Indian films with a goons face punched into the ground breaking some marble tiles, people flying with a flick of his arm and overused Rohit Shetty style Scorpios hitting and crashing into trucks and huge storm drain pipes while Salman escapes in what can only be termed as a shameless advert for Suzuki.

The growl at the end is too Singham for comfort and despite the touchy, emotion inducing VOs sandwiched between the dramatic scenes, the film doesn’t look like it will please anybody other than Salman Khan fans.

Good to see Tabu and Danny back after a long time. Will the talented actors be wasted in this completely commercial venture remains to be seen.