Veteran screenwriter, poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar talked about the tension between India and Pakistan at an event in Mumbai. He said he has failed to understand the agenda of Pakistan behind safeguarding terrorist on its soil. Akhtar said that everyone knows they sponsor terrorist outfits but what is it they get by doing so.

He said, “I don’t understand what is their (Pakistan) agenda and what will they get out of it by constantly sponsoring terrorism. It’s an open truth that they support terrorist organisations but they are constantly denying it.” He then asked questions recalling how the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Masood Azhar travelled to Pakistan after India released him following the plane hijacking in the year 1999.

“Masood Azhar (the founder and leader of the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed) was released from Indian prison when they (Jaish-e-Mohammed) hijacked an Indian aircraft and then, how he reached Pakistan from Kandahar (Afghanistan)… And why is Pakistan not arresting him if they have an honest establishment over there,” he questioned.

After Pulwama attack that happened on February 14, Thursday, both Akhtar and his wife Shabana Azmi announced they were not attending an event in Karachi which was meant to better India-Pak relationship.

The writer of popular Hindi films, Akhtar went on to express his anger. He said, “I feel this situation is actually being forced upon us (India). It was not our choice but if things go beyond your control, then till when and how many times should we be quiet about this? So, we have to react to it some day or the other.”

He added that banning Pakistani artistes is a ‘minor thing’. Akhtar said, “I think repercussions of the current developments are really dangerous and banning Pakistani actors and artistes are minor things but whatever is happening on our borders should be stopped. We should ban terrorism. It’s an unfortunate thing.”