Hollywood sweethearts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce was the saddest celebrity divorce ever. They were the most celebrated couple in the international showbiz circle and their split broke a lot of hearts. Loving towards one another and full of compassion for their kids, we almost idolised Joli-Pitt’s union. But hell broke loose after their break up. The International press could not handle it and it was almost unbelievable to hear that Hollywood’s most loved couple was no longer together. Now the two are separated and share joint custody of their six kids. While we are still wrapping our heads around this fact, there is an interesting update on this issue. As per Hollywood paparazzi, Pitt is getting close to Jennifer Aniston post his split with Jolie!
A source told a magazine, “Brad told her he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past.” Another publication confirmed this but revealed the true nature of their texts. A source told this particular magazine, “It isn’t romantic at all, they are friends again. They made it seem like Brad was running after Jen, and that isn’t true. It is nothing more than they are back in touch with each other.” Jennifer is now married to Justin Theroux and is happy with her life. Brad Pitt finds himself on the other side of the spectrum.

Guess, its karma at work! But we are happy that Brad and Jen are back to being friends after their MESSY break-up.
Currently, Angelina and Brad are taking care of their six kids together like this. A source said, ” $250,000 will be put in each child’s trust fund every year, which will be capped off at $5 million. This will pay for all of the kids’ expenses as well as set up a trust fund for each child.” The source added, “Jolie is said to be hoping to get the divorce finalised in the next 90 days, including custody and property settlements. But with everything she’s asking for, it’s unlikely that will happen. She’s making ridiculous financial demands.”