Los Angeles, May 31: Jesse Eisenberg has earned himself the repute of a ‘skilled actor’ thanks to his roles in films like “The Social Network”. Now John Chu, the director of his forthcoming action-packed “Now You See Me 2”, too has good words to say about him.

Eisenberg shot to fame when he starred as the lead in real-life inspired role in “The Social Network”, and his unique look and acting calibre made him instantly noteworthy. Chu feels Eisenberg is much more than what he is credited for.

“Jesse is brilliant both as a human being and an actor,” the director said in a statement.(ALSO READ:Jesse Eisenberg: Batman v Superman not cartoonish superhero film).

“I admire Jesse so much. No matter how I imagine a scene being played out, he always creates something more unique and more honest than anyone I’ve ever worked with. So it’s a pleasure and an honor to watch him work and try to capture as much of his nuance as possible on camera.

“I think he’s a living legend already at such a young age and I look forward to both working with him and seeing his work for years to come,” the director added.