Los Angeles, Sep 5 Jessica Alba’s Honest company is sued by a consumer who is not satisfied with its products. According to legal  documents, consumer Jonathan D Rubin claims the company “deceptively and misleadingly” labels its products as being “natural” while they contain some “unnatural” and “synthetic” ingredients.

The consumer mentions that Honest Hand Soap, Honest Diapers and Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner contain “synthetic” ingredients which, according to studies from an environmental group, are considered to be potentially hazardous. He also says that the Honest Sunscreen product is “ineffective”. “Honest isn’t,” read the first two words of Rubin’s complaints.

Rubin says that he made the complaint not only on behalf of himself but also other consumers. “Plaintiff Jonathan D Rubin brings this lawsuit against Honest individually and on behalf of a nationwide class including all other similarly situated purchasers of the Products,” read the lawsuit.

In his lawsuit, he asks for all profits from those products to be refunded to consumers who have purchased them. Last month, the company received a lot of complaints saying that its sunscreen, which was said to have SPF 30, was inefficient. Some consumers who were frustrated even posted on social media pictures of their sunburns. One of the consumers wrote, “Don’t buy @Honest sunscreen unless u want to look like this. Second time I’ve tried this stuff and got fried.”