Shehenshah Akbar is not in the mood to listen to any explanation. He believes that Mansingh is at fault. Akbar detested the fact that his queen Jodha went tpo meet Man Singh. Zee TV’s popular period drama Jodha Akbar has witnessed an interesting twist in the latest episode. Jodha tries to persuade Akbar’s mind as her conviction doesn’t fail her. She believes in the heart of her hearts that Mansingh is innocent. This tricky situation leads to a verbal spat between Jodha and Akbar. In the heat of the moment things escalate to a level where Jodha wants to disown the title conferred upon him by Akbar.

Ruqaiya gets the wind of this matter-the confrontation between Jodha and Akbar-through her source. She is delighted by this info. So much so that she gifts her khabroo with pearls and diamonds. Salim is getting ready for his coronation ceremony and he is excited about the rituals and celebrations that go along. Sadly Jodha is involved in proving Mansigh innocent. Ruqaiya uses this opportunity to poison young Salim’s mind by claiming that Mansigh is more important for Jodha than the important event in Salim’s life. Akbar is in no mood to wait for Jodha to arrive at the ceremony and he demands that the ceremony must proceed, irrespective of Jodha’s absence. Salim is not particularly about this. When Jodha arrives in the palace-just in the nick of time-she is feels disheartened on seeing that the celebrations have already begun in her absence.

Ruqaiya is trying to exploit the situation to her advantage by poisoning Salim’s impressionable mind. Will Akbar ever know Ruqaiya’s evil plan?