We all believe that film stars enjoy a very luxurious life, while that may be true to some extent we generally never acknowledge the hard work, sweat and toil that they have to go through to always look their best onscreen. Whether it is about making six-pack abs, or losing weight or spending hours donning the grease paint so that they always project the film star or celeb persona, we audience never fully gives them the credit for it. Their money and fame comes at a much greater price. They work crazy hours, spend several days away from family and suffer multiple injuries all in pursuit of a great film which might or might not deliver on the box office.

John Abraham one of Bollywood’s most prolific action hero is a self-confessed action junkie and our very own Dwayne Rock Johnson. He loves pushing his own boundaries whether on sets or in the gym. For his upcoming film Force 2 which also stars Sonakshi Sinha he has gone all out to ensure that the action scenes are nothing that we’ve seen so far.

However, doing all these crazy stunts has actually come at a very heavy price. The actor recently shared a video on his Twitter where you can see him screaming in pain as he gets treated for a knee injury that he sustained on the sets of Force 2.

Proving that he is not someone who shies away from pain, John Abraham continued shooting and that caused further damage to his knee. Now he will have to undergo 3 surgeries to fully recover.

Watch the gruesome video here: