Bucharest, June 20: Actor Johnny Depp took a break from all the murky divorce battle with his estranged wife Amber Heard by chilling out with belly dancers at private party in Romania. The only large checks in sight were the ones on the jacket over his chair as he relaxed with his friends from his rock band – The Hollywood Vampires.

The group hired out a swanky restaurant here for an after-party following a gig on their European tour.  The video footage from the bash at the Trattoria il Calcio shows Depp, 53, chatting with his friends and watching the glamourous girls on stage, reports mirror.co.uk.  (ALSO READ: Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s restraining order hearing postponed)

A party-goer said: “If Johnny was under any stress, he didn’t show it. He was quite relaxed, sipping beers and chatting with his friends. He even talked about Amber a little – but he clearly feels that he is the innocent party in all of this. “Johnny told the restaurant owner he’s always had a weakness for being too trusting, and said that was what had caused his problems.”

With an age gap of 22 years, the couple got engaged in January 2014. Now, Heard is making shocking domestic violence claims. But he gave the impression of someone who wasn’t worried. He doesn’t accept the things that have been said. “He also said their relationship was great until they got married.”