The King of Pop Justin Timberlake is back! This time, the singer dropped his uber cool groovy new single Can’t Stop The Feeling. The pop song has been released as a part of the brand new upcoming movie Trolls. The song is a star-studded affair, featuring Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Anna Kendrick and Kunal Nayyar!

It’s been a while since Justin released any of his work, as he was busy spending some quality time with his wife Jessica Biel and their adorable son Silas. But the singer made sure to come back with the best he got in the Can’t Stop The Feeling music video. If you have yet not seen it, you can watch it here!

The catchy track from Trolls has an amazingly interesting video with the whole cast of the animated movie grooving for the song. This is definitely going to be the most peppy Summer song of the year! Check out Justin Timberlake, Anna and Kunal impressing with their dance moves in the most grooviest song of the year! Watch Can’t Stop The Feeling music video below.