Mumbai, Sep 13: Actor Mayank Gandhi was injured while shooting for a sequence of TV show “Kaala Teeka”, but he refused to take a break and completed the scene. The actor portrays the role of a mentally challenged character in the Zee TV show. He broke his finger while shooting an action sequence for the show. After taking medication, Mayank continued to shoot and did not take a day off.

“You have to prioritise work above your comfort if the situation calls for it. The scene was important and the set-up was already done. Such accidents keep happening, because of which one shouldn’t stop working,” Mayank said in a statement.

Recalling the incident, the actor shared: “It was a very intense scene where I had to break the window of the car…I got carried away…I realised I had crashed my fist into the window with full vengeance only when I saw my hand bleeding.”

“The crew members immediately sprang to their feet and rushed in to help. I consulted the doctor, got my first-aid, had my medicines and decided to finish the sequence with the help of the production house.” The show is an attempt to break the shackles of age-old superstitions and spread awareness against them amongst the masses.