Actor Kalki Koechlin has revealed that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Guy Hershberg. In a recent interview with HT Brunch, Kalki said that she is five months pregnant and is ready to embrace the motherhood. She has also revealed that she has changed in numerous ways including engaging in constructive hobbies, going for walks, doing yoga and engaging with Guy’s music.

Speaking to the leading publication, she said, “I already feel the changes in the way I react to things. I am more deliberate, slower, more patient. When motherhood comes eventually, it brings with it a new consciousness to your sense of the person. I still want to work but it is less about the rat race and more about nurturing oneself through one’s work. It becomes about infusing concentration and energy inward.”

Talking about motherhood, she said, “Motherhood began with my brother, who is much younger than I am. I remember watching him come home from school one day, he must have been seven or eight, with a project on climate change and thinking ‘this is such a renewal of innocence’. Children take us back to the basics; remind us of what is important. Also, just wanting to experience pregnancy, of feeling this life growing inside you.”

She also spoke about the baby being born with multiple nationalities and said, “I am aware that these are struggles my child will have to face, and yet I am grateful for the mixture of influences that I have had.” Kalki has also decided of a unisex name for her child and is open to the idea of the baby having gender fluidity. “I’ve chosen a name that works for either gender and that is representative of a gay person because I want my child to have that freedom of movement under the many umbrellas of gender that we have.”

Kalki will be heading to Goa to give birth to her child through natural water birth.