Ever since Kamya Punjabi announced the release of Pratyusha Banerjee’s last short film ‘Hum Kuchh Keh Na Sakey’ there has been continuous tiff between her and Rahul Raj Singh. After the sudden death of the late television actress, Kamya and Pratyusha’s family blamed her boyfriend Rahul for breaking her heart and driving her to a point where she took such a drastic step. Recently, Rahul sent a legal notice to Kamya but the actress denied receiving it. But here, Rahul’s lawyer Shreyansh Mithare claimed that Kamya’s maid had acknowledged the receipt! This is damn confusing now! He also said, “If you see the Stay Order carefully, there is a Bailiff report. A Bailiff report can only be filed after serving the order in question.” Now this will have serious implications as she might face jail for six whole months which will be confirmed on June 8!

Meanwhile, Kamya Punjabi is still firm on the fact that she did not receive any notice from Rahul. Yes, she did get a two page legal document, but the actress shrugged it off calling it an unsigned letter! Mithare warned her that she should not take the legal matters so lightly! Infact, as per reports, Rahul’s sister Sahil Chaddha even tried to stop the release of the short film on April 1, Pratyusha’s first death anniversary! But Kamya and Pratyusha’s family did not allow that to happen. (ALSO READ: Pratyusha Banerjee’s last film Hum Kucch Keh Na Sakey OUT: Kamya Punjabi tries to tell a riveting tale of the actress’s death)

Earlier on the first death anniversary of Pratyusha, her parents clearly called Rahul ‘a spineless criminal’. They also said that it was not a suicide but a murder and they should not let Rahul Singh loose! Well, now Kamya might be in serious trouble, although she has been saying that she will fight till the end! For more updates, stay tuned to India.com.