Just when we thought that the whole fiasco between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has died down, we were clearly wrong, as the former has been making explosive statements left, right and center since couple of days. It all started when Kangana shot for an episode of Rajat Sharma’s famous show, Aap Ki Adaalat. It is during this, she opened up on the entire matter like never before. The hour long episode is going to air tonight and surely many are eagerly waiting to see more.

To tease the masses, the makers posted a 20 minute promo online, and boy, there is a new detail that has emerged out of it, which will shock you further. So Kangana has claimed that Hrithik and her were dating, while he was going through a divorce with Susanne. Now Ranaut has revealed that Hrithik was involved with his co-star while he was shooting in Manali in 2014.

It was quite a shock for Kangana when Hrithik suddenly denied that he has nothing to do with her as he can’t leave his wife. But according to Kangana, as soon as Susanne left him, he came back to her but then, she heard about his affair with another actress. “Kisi Heroine Ke Saath Mein Yeh Manali Mein Shoot Kar Rahe They, Toh Wahaan Pe Unke Affair Ki Khabarein Aayi, Toh Maine Poocha Unko, Valentine’s Tha February Mein, Maine Kahaa Ki Aapne Mujhe Phone Nahin Kiya Kuch Nahin? Toh Bole Main Kyun Karunga Phone?…” (He was shooting with some heroine in Manali, so there were reports of his affair with her. So, later when she asked him, as it was Valentine’s Day, that why didn’t he call her? He retaliated, ‘Why would I call you?…),” says Kangana in the promo.

Watch the video below:

So who is this actress that Hrithik was involved with apart from Kangana? Well, folks at BollywoodLife did some digging and found it was Katrina Kaif. Yep! Hrithik was indeed shooting in Manali for Bang Bang around February 2014. So were Hrithik and Katrina more than just good friends then?

Well, your guess is as good as ours.