Kangana Ranaut‘s recent interview has left everyone stunned! Her fierce words and opinions regarding her break up with Hrithik Roshan has become the national news. It all started when Ranaut and Roshan publicly had an ugly break up. After a lot of controversial statements by both of them, the issue finally subsided. However, in the recent interview, Kangana reopened the book and also demanded the apology from the Roshan father- son duo. If you are already taken aback by her this interview, you must brace yourself for another powerful session as she is collaborating with netizen’s favourite AIB show! Tanmay Bhat and Kangana Ranaut will take up the issue of feminism in their own hilarious manner and we cannot actually imagine what is going to happen!

As reported in Midday, Bhat said, “Kangana is a natural at comedy. The best comic actors are always those who are able to take a script and elevate it.” When he was asked whether their no-filter talks will hurt or offend anyone, Bhat added, ” Offense is taken, never given. So who gets offended how and when shouldn’t concern the artistes.”

Talking about getting offended, Aditya Pancholi is super offended with her talks. He recently revealed to India.com that he is soon going to take legal action against her for saying ill things about him. (Read Full Interview Here).

Most of the AIB shows until now have gone down quite well with the younger generation. Now with Tanmay and Kangana on board, one cannot really miss it. A source from the sets also revealed that there is a hilarious original song and comedian Varun Thakur will also be seen. We cannot wait now!