Kangana Ranaut is making headlines and is not going to stop anytime soon. Call her motor-mouth or call her bold, she is all set to make some startling revelations about the showbiz industry. Kangana recently gave an interview where she spilled the beans on the controversy related to Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi. Just a few months before this, she was all vocal about ‘nepotism’ that exists in the industry. While the fans are yet to digest the shocking revelations made by her, she has left us stunned after she opened up about the wage disparity in Bollywood.

While talking to Mid-day, the Simran actress said, ” There are women in the industry who say that if actresses are unable to bring in crowds (in a theatre) that a male star can, how can they demand equal pay. If we, as actresses, keep instilling this inferiority complex in girls, there is no hope for better times.”

Kangana Ranaut further revealed, ” Personally, my logic for remuneration has always been that I have 365 days to work, as much as any male star. An actor’s pay must be determined by the amount of work s/he does. Your gender is no yardstick for it. The industry isn’t just made up of four actors who have lasted through the decades. I might not have 30 years behind me. But in my 10 years, I’ve achieved significant milestones to demand a certain fee.” (ALSO READ: Sooraj Pancholi QUITS Twitter, Courtesy Kangana Ranaut)

The box office openings are hugely discussed amongst film buffs. However, Kangana does not agree with the logic. She even stated about the recent big box office duds. Kangana said, ” Anybody’s film can fail and this year has shown us enough proof of that. So, let’s stop giving the opening (weekend) and closing logic.” Do you agree with Kangana’s opinion about the wage disparity and her views on box office? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.