Kangana Ranaut can certainly be regarded as an A-listing actress in the Bollywood film industry after giving some power-packed performances in super hit films. However, talking about super hit films, Kangana hasn’t had much to show, as both her releases namely Rangoon and Simran haven’t been the successes she would’ve hoped. Speaking highly about her invitation to speak at the Harvard Business School, she also addressed her shortcomings as a professional this year.

Kangana admitted that her entire controversy with Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan Suman, and Aditya Pancholi negatively affected her image this year, leading to a decline in her work life. “The offers haven’t slowed but my commercial viability has been affected. The endorsements are fewer, my earnings are down and my plan to open my own production house has had to be pushed. But I have signed three films, have a beautiful house in Manali now and an office on Pali Hill and I’m going to Harvard so don’t write me off just yet,” she smiled. “I don’t want my life to become a cautionary tale but an inspiration for young girls and for that I will survive and succeed.” Now that’s some way to give reassurances. ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut On Bollywood Actress Molestation Case: The Backlash She’s Receiving Is Upsetting

Entering the league of the likes of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, banker Chanda Kochhar and more, who delivered speeches at the esteemed university, Kangana says she won’t be dwelling on the cultural diversity and feudal systems that remain in India, instead will be bringing up a newer, positive agenda. She said, “I will talk about new opportunities in the entertainment business that TV, digital platforms and streaming sites have brought in which I want to experiment with too. I want to point to films like Hindi Medium which merged the lives of disparate social hierarchies in a realistic rather than aspirational portrayal of society.”