Recently after a young Bollywood actress had shared her plight on media regarding a harrowing incident she suffered on the plane which sent social media on a nationwide outrage. The actress felt that the accused, Vikas Sachadev, touch his foot on her neck, shoulder, and back as he kept his foot on her armrest as he slept. While the wife of the accused slammed it as a publicity stunt, many have come out in support of the actress, and Kangana Ranaut is the latest to speak up.

Talking about the same to a leading daily, Kangana said, “The backlash the teenage actress is getting is so upsetting. There are witnesses claiming that the innocent men just happened to put his foot on the armrest and that was the only crime he committed. If anybody is going to put his foot on my armrest it’s open to interpretation that is this emotional harassment or sexual or personal. Because you are in my intimate space so I’m going to interpret it. Fellow passengers can’t tell me that it’s an innocent leg resting sort of gesture.” ALSO READ: Bollywood Actress Molested: Co-Passenger Claims The Accused Is Innocent

“Management companies will tell you not to be associated with something so dark because you are supposed to be the quintessential Indian girl and brands won’t hire you,” she added. “At the end of the day his foot was on her armrest and that is wrong. Why are we judging and trolling her? In this frightening environment who will speak up?” The accused actor was put behind bars soon after the Mumbai Police were made aware of the situation. A co-passenger of the two claimed that the man was innocent and that his only fault was that he kept his leg on her armrest. A decision on the case is impending. Keep watching this space for more.