Remember the sweet and naughty sister-in-law of TV show “Diya Aur Baati Hum”? Actress Kanika Maheshwari, who played the role of Meenakshi, went missing from the plot due to her maternity break. She’s back now and says the crew is being supportive and not burdening her with lots of work.

“I have really missed my show and all the crew during my maternity break. I am back on the show, but will be shooting in breaks as the production doesn’t want me to stress so much. “I got a very warm welcome from all of them and also they have all been very supportive and caring towards me. Right now, I am shooting alone but may be when the baby grows up I might bring him on the set,” Kanika, who delivered a son on April 4, said in a statement.

To fill in the gap, her character on the Star Plus show was also shown pregnant. And while she was on her maternity break, Meenakshi and her husband, Vikram (played by Karan Goddwani) were shown to be out of the country.