Kapil Sharma is a funny man and has a knack for singing as well but what is he doing with Abhijeet Sawant in Indian Idol? Abhijeet Sawant, you might remember won the first season of Indian Idol when it started in 2004. He joins Kapil Sharma on stage to show what it means to sing and show your talent for the fans.

They are seen standing in the line waiting for the crowds to settle down and showcase their singing talent for the Indian Idol judges. The problems start when there is a female singer who makes her entry to try and clinch the crown from the men. Kapil devises a cunning plan to spoil the chances of Abhijeet and the other woman so that they mess up when they sing in front of the judges.

That plan doesn’t need to be executed for reasons that unfold later. Abhijeet Sawant tries to show that he has the pedigree of a champion after already winning the competition once but Kapil trumps him and takes the crown of the ultimate singing talent. Watch the funny video and find out who this mysterious woman is in the video below.