McLeodganj (Himachal Pradesh), May 15: The trend of long-running saas-bahu sagas is slowly fading away from Indian television, and that is paving the way for finite series, says actor Karanvir Bohra. He asserts that it’s not a passing phase. “Finite series is the next big thing. Within next two years, there will only be one or two daily soaps on Indian television and the rest will be finite series,” Karanvir told IANS in a group interview here. (Read: Karanvir Bohra: The science of three Cs)

General entertainment channel Zindagi, which brings some gems from Pakistani TV to Indian audience, has delighted viewers with shows having a set number of episodes. Other shows like “24” and “Private Investigator” and “Gulmohar Grand” are a testimony to how the change is being welcomed with open arms.

Karanvir observed that show makers have started exploring the world of finite series and are getting hooked to the trend as well.  “Experiments have already begun for finite series and are doing well. So it is definitely the future,” he said.  Karanvir felt that creative minds in the television industry need to work on the technique of storytelling and weave a tale around a single plot.

“Television is growing immensely, but it still has to work on storytelling and presentation. The main problem is time constraint. We have to dole out content everyday and then you don’t have time to analyse it. Things move so fast… where will quality come from,” he asked. A finite series, thus, fits in perfectly to overcome this obstacle. Karanvir notes that with the trend, “content will be better as there will be more time to analyse”. Meanwhile, the actor, who is busy with Zee TV show “Qubool Hai”, mentioned that he like to “challenge” himself with each and every project. Image Credit: Facebook