Domestic violence – the biggest issue of all time. People all around the globe talk about feminism and women power, but it seems as if crime against women are being unnoticed. Domestic violence is one of the biggest offence which is being tolerated by the females. Even the glamour world has undergone this abuse and film stars and other TV actresses were victims of such heinous crimes, including sexual abuse and domestic violence, in real life.

Here we have listed some actresses who have endured such crime in their abusive relationship and informed the media about the same. Have a look at these brave hearts who had the courage of speaking about crime and also inspired other women to fight back for their rights:

1. Vaishnavi Dhanraj:

Popular telly actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj is in news for all right reasons. The actress recently ended her marriage with Nitin Sehrawat. Yes, Vaishnavi spoke to and openly spoke about her troubled marriage. Vaishnavi was quoted syaing, “I have worked for 9 years in the TV industry, currently I guess I am in just a phase where you feel that things have become very monotonous and you get fed up. I am looking for something out of the box that will yet suit Indian TV audiences’ sensibilities.”

She further even revealed the reason behind her divorce and said “I was a victim of domestic violence, which Nitin imposed on me. I couldn’t take it beyond a certain point. Yes, it was my call. I I reached a saturation point where I couldn’t bear it any longer. It was gruesome. How can you take such behaviour from your own spouse? That too, continuously. It was a very bad case of domestic violence. I even took him for counselling. Our parents too did everything to make him understand. But nothing worked. Yes, I am speaking about this for the first time. I kept hoping that he would change and our marriage would work but he still went on. Most of the time in my marriage with Nitin, I used to be in a depression. There were good times in the middle sometimes but if something such drastic is happening alongside, then everything is just gone. You know what I mean.It became impossible for me to carry on with Nitin. I feel that it is not possible to stay in an abusive marriage until you yourself are abusive towards your partner.”

She added “One morning, it became very bad. He wouldn’t have killed me probably, but I got so scared that I ran away from the house. He had beaten me so badly that my leg was bleeding. That was my last day as his wife- emotionally, physically and mentally. I eventually got a divorce in January, this year.”

2. Shweta Tiwari

Kasautii Zindagii Kay actress Shweta Tiwari got hitched with her love Raja Chaudhary in 1998. The couple was soon blessed with a baby daughter, Palak. Soon her husband started creating scenes on the set of her shows and there were rumours that he was insecure about Shweta’s growing popularity in TV industry. Finally the couple filed for a divorce in 2007 and got separated after staying together for nine years. Further the actress got married to actor Abhinav Kohli on 13 July 2013 after dating him for three years. ALSO READ: Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Chaudhary ties knot with longtime friend Shveta Sood!

3. Daljeet Kaur

Popular TV actress Daljeet Kaur got hitched with Shaleen Bhanot on 9 December, 2009. The duo met first time on the sets of Kulvaddhu in 2006 and further participated together in the dance realtiy show — Nach Baliye show season 4. After that the duo decided to get hitched. Few months later, Daljeet alleges that she has gone through an abusive marriage and Shallen has been beating her. She also added saying that Shaleen is involved with other women. Soon, the couple was blessed with a baby boy son on 8 November 2013. The actress was abused by her in-laws and even her husband assaulted her for dowry. They got separated as Shaleen was being abusive and also tried to strangulate her. ALSO READ: Shocking! Nach Baliye 4 winner Daljeet Kaur alleges: Actor husband Shaleen Bhanot abused her and even tried to strangle her!

4. Dimpy Ganguly

Dimpy Ganguly got married to Rahul Mahajan on 6 March, 2010. Dimpy participated in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega which was a swayamvar reality show. Soon, the duo were spotted in another reality show Nach Baliye season 5. Later, there were rumours which stated that Rahul Mahajan confirmed that he and his wife Dimpy Ganguly are divorced and live their life separately since 2013. According to reports, Dimpy had allegations against Rahul for domestic abuse. On November, 2015 Dimpy Ganguly got hitched with her Dubai-based businessman fiance Rohit Roy. ALSO READ: CONFIRMED! Rahul Mahajan finally reveals that he is dating co-star Amruta Mane!

5. Rashmi Desai 

Most popular bahu from Uttaran serial — Rashami Desai — got hitched with Nandish Sadhu on February 12, 2012. The duo met on the sets of Uttaran where Nandish played the role of Veer Singh Umed Singh Bundela. Soon, their off-screen chemistry turned into a sizzling hot love story in real life! But, unfortunately, the duo went through some bad times due to which their relationship suffered a lot. There was lot of buzz stating that Rashami and Nandish had started living separately since early 2013.

Soon Rashami Desai and Nandish Sandhu were back together in Nach Baliye 7 reality show. It was said that the duo have sorted out their issues and even on February 12 the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary. There were rumours that Rashami was a victim of physical violence and decided to lead her life separately. ALSO READ: Nandish Sandhu-Rashami Desai ugly divorce case: TV Actor talks about his relationship with Ankita Shorey

6. Karisma Kapoor

Bollywood diva, Karisma Kapoor also spared the terrific horror of domestic violence which led to her separation from her husband Sanjay Kapur. The actress filed a domestic violence case and divorce case in 2014. Karisma got hitched with industrialist and CEO of Sixth India Sanjay Kapur on 29 September 2003. Soon, the couple was blessed with a baby girl Samaira in 2005 and a baby son Kiaan in 2010.

7. Jiah Khan
We all know the infamous suicide and physical abuse case. Jiah Khan fell in love with Sooraj Pancholi and were staying in a live-in relationship. Soon actress boyfriend Sooraj was taken under police custody for physical abuse and mental torture case as the cops found the letter at Jiah’s apartment in Mumbai. Jiah committed suicide on 10 June 2013.
8. Deepshikha Nagpal 

Bigg Boss 8 ex-contestant Deepshikha Nagpal tied the nuptial knot for the second time in 2012, with her model-actor boyfriend Kaishav Arora. After dating for two years, the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level. Both fell in love on the sets of Yeh Dooriyan. But soon after marriage, differences took over and there were constant fights between the two. That’s when Deepshikha and Kaishav decided part away. There were rumours that Kaishav was cheating on Deepshikha and also hit her. She soon filed for divorce, which was finalised on February 24. ALSO READ: Deepshikha Nagpal finally gets divorce from husband Kaishav Arora.

Recently the telly actress Deepshikha Nagpal made a latest revelation that her husband Kaishav Arora threatened to kill her and her children. Further the actress filed an complaint in the police station and restrained her husband from entering her house. She faced domestic violence and physical abuse in her relationship which affected her badly.