Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor’s divorce case with Sunjay Kapur was getting uglier by every passing day. However, it looks like the couple might get relief and be separated soon. The Supreme Court had ordered both the parties to mutually sort the matter. However, on Tuesday, it was heard that both Sunjay and Karisma have amicably agreed on settlement terms. They just have to discuss few aspects of the settlement before signing it. (ALSO READ: Karisma Kapoor claims Sanjay Kapoor married her because she is a successful film star)

According to an entertainment website both the parties have agreed on the terms of settlement and only few modalities have to be worked out before signing the document. We also hear that Karisma’s settlement document includes maintenance of her two kids. The court ordered in his hearing that, “It is stated by the petitioner (Sanjay Kapur) that those (terms of settlement) would be completed by the end of March 31, 2016.” The matter would be readdressed on 8 April at 12.45 p.m.

Sanjay Kapur is permitted to meet his kids on their birthday, which falls on March 11 and 12. However, he can meet them at Karisma’s residence or at the venue of birthday party. The court also stated in its order that, “We are also informed that the birthdays of the children of the parties are falling on 11th and 12th March, 2016 respectively. The petitioner (Sanjay Kapoor) has expressed his desire to meet the children on their respective birthdays. He can visit and meet the children at the residence of the respondent (Karishma) or at the venue of the birthday celebrations.” (ALSO READ: Karisma Kapoor hits back at estranged husband Sanjay Kapoor, files dowry harassment case)

Karisma’s lawyer Jethmalani have informed the court that the police is informed about not arresting Sunjay or his mother in regards to the harassment case filed by his client. The court said,  “they have informed the police about the talks between the parties under the aegis of this court and instructions are given not to take any precipitating step or arrest of the petitioner or his mother on their visit to Mumbai or otherwise”.