Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja comes back to the party and still keeps on thinking about what Rishi said to her. She said that once she will have Abhishek on his her finger everything between them would be over. Meanwhile inside Abhishek’s house,  Rishi and Manpreet trap the priest and ask him to say the mantra for engaging a couple. When the priest disagrees, Manpreet pretends to point a gun towards him and asks him to recite all the mantras. Rishi records them and asks him for the exact muhurat for the ring ceremony. He plans to get engaged to Tanuja in the muhurat by using the mantras which he just recorded.

While going outside the house, Myra finds the priest and asks him to come downstairs. She says that everybody is waiting for him to start the ceremony. When the priest reaches,  he asks Tanuja to walk towards Abhishek but instead of stopping at Abhishek, Tanuja keeps moving towards Rishi. Suddenly she realises that she is getting engaged to Abhishek.

The priest asks Tanuja to make Abhishek wear the ring. Just before Tanuja could start, the lights go off. Everyone gets shocked because it is not a good omen. Then suddenly Natasha and Tanya come running and the ring falls on the floor. Rishi thinks that turninh off the lights was his plan but losing the ring is destiny’s sign. Rishi akesnTanuja to a room which he has decorated for his ring ceremony with her. He says that she can’t get engaged to Abhishek because she is still in love with him. Tanuja tells Abhishek that whatever was there between them is their past now. She is getting engaged to Abhishek and that is the only truth she knows. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 30 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Never Expected That Tanuja Will Get Engaged To Abhishek)

He says that Abhishek can stay with her just like a friend but she can’t get married to him. Tanuja calls Rishi her past and says that he always talks about his love, his happiness and his desires. He has never bothered to ask her what she wants. Rishi tells Tanuja that if she is doing everything for winning Natasha’s custody case then she should drop her plan because he will take the case back. Rishi gets down on his knee and proposes Tanuja for marrying him.