Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi talks to Raj and tells him that he is very close to getting Tanuja back in his life.  Raj asks Rishi to go easy on Abhishek. He says that Abhishek is his guest and he should not insult him every time he meets him. Rishi says that Abhishek has taken away the dearest person of his life and he is trying hard not to disrespect him. Meanwhile Abhishek talks to Ahaana once again and tries to build up a reputation with her. They both get friendly with each other and Abhishek tells her that he has changed his views about marriage.  He says that earlier he used to think that marriage is the most oversold concept but now he feels that everyone should get married. He says that marriage is something which changes one’s life and it should be done when one finds the right person. Ahaana asks him if he has found the right person. Abhishek just tells her that he found her in London first. He says that he will tell everything to her later.

Tanuja meets Rishi and tells him that he is not doing the right thing by insulting Abhishek every now and then.  She says that she is very angry with him for his behaviour. Rishi says that she is allowed to be angry with him but he should not go away from him ever again in his life. He says that he finds it impossible to live without her.  The only way with which she can make sure that he never bothers her again is for her to kill him. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 31 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhishek Almost Gives Up Hope To Get Married To Tanuja)

Ahaana asks Abhishek what he thinks about Manpreet. She tells Abhishek that she wants Manpreet to be the brother of Myra. Abhishek says that she just wants to stop the flirting going on between Myra and Manpreet. When Ahaana brings a rakhi for Myra to tie on Manpreet and Myra says that she is not interested in Manpreet she says that Manpreet is a float and he is flirting with her even after being married to Ahaana.