Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Abhishek gets into a fight with Rishi and tells him to behave when he is in front of Tanuja and Natasha. He says that he is soon to be married to Tanuja and Natasha is his daughter so he can’t shower his love on them whenever he wants. Rishi tries to make Abhishek understand that this family is his family im his dreams and he will never be able to get them. Abhishek asks him to wait and watch. He says that he has been with Tanuja when she needed him the most. He has been a ft her to Natasha when he was busy with Netra.

Tanuja meets Rishi and decides to tell him to go away from her life. This time when she goes to meet him, Rishi starts playing his charm on her and she says that he needs to give her some time. She says that if she needs some time to decide if she wants to marry him or not then he would give her all the time in the world.  Tanuja says that she needs some time to think about herself and not him.  He says that every single minute of the day she is worried about what he will do next to trouble her. She asks him to go away from this house and give her some time to think about what she has to do with her life. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 8 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhishek Asks Tanuja To Apologize To Rishi For Misbehaving With Him)

Netra comes to meet Rishi in Abhishek’s house and Rishi get shocked to see her.  He asks her to come to the guest room to talk to him. Tanuja feels that it is fishy for him to talk to Netra alone. When he goes to the guest room, she tells Rishi that she was feeling very worried about him and that is why she came to meet him. She says that she was tensed that she was not able to sleep last night and he was not even picking up her phone. He asks her to take care of Tanya and let him be. Netra then clearly conveys her point and says that she wants him to come back to the Bedi house and be with her. Rishi gets angry and says that this is her true face which she kept hidden for seven long years. He says that she always had a problem with Tanuja and she pretended to be on his side all along.