Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Netra tries to improve her image in front of Rishi. After telling him not to pursue Tanuja anymore, she tells Rishi that she is having the problems of anxiety and depression since last few months. She starts crying and tells Rishi that her anxiety brought her to him. In her mind she praises herself and thinks that her presence of mind saved her image otherwise Rishi would have thrown her out of the Bedi house right now. She tells Rishi that she is feeling dizzy and needs to lie down. Rishi help her in going to the bed and makes her lie down. When Tanuja’s maid brings juice for Netra, Netra deliberately spills it on her saree. Then she asks Rishi to take her to the washroom to help her clean it. Tanuja’s maid rushes to Tanuja and tells her that Rishi has taken Netra to the washroom. He is helping her clean herself and they might be getting intimate. Tanuja rushes to Rishi’s room and knocks on the door of his washroom. When Rishi opens the door she takes Rishi by the hand and takes him to her room. She asks him what he was doing in the washroom with Netra.  (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 11 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Netra Stop Rishi From Chasing Tanuja?)

Tanuja and Rishi start to argue and Rishi says that he feels good when she gets jealous. Tanuja says that she was not jealous because she has nothing to do with what kind of a relationship he and Netra share. Rishi says that she is saying all these things because she has a soft corner for him and she is still in love. Tanuja says that she doesn’t do any such thing with Abhishek to make him jealous, so he should not be doing such things either. Rishi tells Netra that he will drop her home and she deliberately holds Rishi is hand in front of Tanuja. Tanuja feels sad because Rishi leaves with Netra and that too with a hand by her waist.