Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Netra goes to drop Tanja to school and she tells her that she has given her two lunch boxes. Tanya asks her the reason and Netra says that one is for her sister. Tanya gets excited and asks her if she really has a sister. Netra says that Natasha is her best friend and she is like a sister to her too. Netra hopes that she bonds well with Natasha and this bond makes Rishi’s heart melt. She expects that Rishi  makes her stay in the Bedi house because of her bonding with Natasha and keeps her close to him.

Rishi talks to his lawyer and his lawyer assures him that he has almost won the case. He says that his case is very strong and there are very negligible chances that he might lose it. Rishi talks to Manpreet and says that he just hopes that Tanuja comes back to the Bedi house along with Natasha peacefully. He says that if he wins the custody case and Tanuja refuses to come with Natasha then she would end up losing her daughter and he doesn’t want to give her any more pain.

Rishi calls Tanuja and she disconnects the call. Rishi thinks that she is still angry with him but Manpreet says that she must not be angry, she would be worried. He says that she is about to lose the case and she knows it very well.  Manpreet says that she must be trying hard to win the case and that is the reason she is not distracting her mind by talking to him. Meanwhile Tanuja’s servants talks to her and says that Rishi is very much in love with her. Tanuja tells het that Rishi has given her nothing except pain. Her servants tells her that a person falls in love only once in a lifetime. Love never happens again and that is the hard truth of life. Abhishek’s mausi talks to him and tells him that he needs to talk to Tanuja. She  Abhishek says that Tanuja has refused to marry him and says that she is still in love with Rishi. His mausi makes him understand that she will get ready to marry him if he will bring Natasha back to her. She says that if they get married then they will win the case and Natasha will stay with him. He can give Tanuja all the love he wants.

Abhishek talks to Tanuja and tells her that he doesn’t love her. He says that he is very much in love with Natasha though. Abhishek says that he is not a person made for marriage and he loves his freedom very much. But he can go to any extent to bring Natasha back to him. He says that his proposal for marriage was very much real. He tries to make Tanuja understand that if she gets married to him then there would be nothing left for Rishi to prove in the court. He says that she will then have a family and Natasha will stay with her. Tanuja tells Abhishek that she got very scared when he proposed to her. She says that he felt like running away from his house. Abhishek says that he can never fall in love with anyone and whatever he said was for Natasha. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 10 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Rejects Abhishek’s Proposal Of Marriage)

Netra does some shopping for Natasha and tells Rano that she will decorate Natasha’s room very well.  She says that she is after all her daughter and she will make sure that she gets all the love she deserves. Ahaana comes and tell Netra that she is misunderstanding Natasha’s affection for her. She says that her mother is Tanuja and she can’t take this right from her.