Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that

Rishi meets Abhishek and Abhishek tells him that the big day is coming and he should start with the preparations. Abhishek says that he is now getting married to Tanuja 2 days before and he needs everything to be in place on time. Rishi congratulates Abhishek for his wedding and leaves. Abhishek thinks that there is something going on in Rishi’s mind and he is not letting him know. Rishi meets Tanuja as well and says that her wedding ceremonies are going on and she should enjoy to the fullest. He says that she should not prepone anything because of him because he is ready to promise that he will not create any more hindrances for her. He says that she should live these moments and rest assured that he would not trouble her any further.

Netra’s mother comes to the Bedi house to meet her and gets shocked to see that Netra’s life has turned upside down

She tells Rano that earlier she was a very career oriented girl and she wanted to do big things in fashion designing but after coming to the Bedi house, she has just learnt cooking a few new dishes and has not grown at all in the last few years. She asks Netra to come and talk to her alone. Rano gets a message that there is something wrong going on. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Wants To get married To Abhishek ASAP)

Her mother gets angry with her and says that she has ruined her life after falling in love with Rishi. She says that when 7 years ago she asked for her permission to pursue her love for Rishi, she agreed. Then she became a mother to Tanya and then also she thought that she is pursuing her happiness. But she is now just a maid to the Bedis and a nanny to Tanya. Netra gets angry with her mother’s reality check and asks her not to point fingers at her.

Rishi gets a call from dadi and she calls him to the Bedi house immidiately. When Rishi starts to leave, he asks Tanuja to send Natasha with him. Tanuja refuses and asks Rishi to go alone. Rishi leaves Natasha and tells Tanuja that she is not doing the right thing by separating  a father from.his daughter.