Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja goes to pray in a temple and finds out that Rishi is there too. She ask God why he is making her come face to face with Rishi again and again. After she prays to God, the priest blesses her and Rishi with a blissful marriage and Tanuja gets disturbed with the blessings. She leaves and Rishi starts thinking that she is trouble with the thought of something else except the hearing of the case next week. He feels that there is something else which is bothering her.

Meanwhile Abhishek takes Natasha to his office and Natasha asks Abhishek to make a children’s play area in his office. She says that she wants lots of teddy bears to play with while he works on his laptop in his office. When Tanuja sits at home alone, lost in thought, she thinks that she might lose the case because she is just the caretaker of Abhishek and she doesn’t own the resources which she needs to raise Natasha in good way. She tells herself that she knows very well what she needs to do to win the case of Natasha’s custody.

When Rishi gets back home, he finds Ahaana crying. He asks her why she is sad and Ahaana says that she missing Tanuja badly and she wants him to bring her back to the Bedi house once again. She says that he broke his promise to bring her back and she is still staying with Abhishek.  Rishi says that he is very sorry to have disappointed her but he is happy that someone else also wants Tanuja back in the Bedi house. Ahaana says that Tanuja is like family to her and she is the only person with whom she can share her heart.  (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 13 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhishek Denies Falling In Love With Tanuja)

Meanwhile in the Bedi house Rishi tells Ahaana that since she also wants Tanuja to come back to the house, she should go with him to convince her. Suddenly Netra comes and tells Ahaana that Smiley called her.  Rishi says that they can talk about these things later but right now he they need to go to convince Tanuja to come back. Netra Continues that Smiley preferred to call her to check on Tanya. Ahaana recalls a long forgotten truth. She refuses and says that she too is a mother and she can’t  do this to another mother. Rishi gets puzzled and asks her what she is talking about. Ahaana reminds everyone that Netra is taking care of Smiley’s child.