Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Netra’s mother tells her that she is wasting her life by spending it with the hope that Rishi will ever be hers. Her mother says that this is equally Rano’s mistake because even after knowing that Rishi will never fall in love with Netra, she has kept her in this house in 7 long years. She storms out of the room saying that she needs to talk to Rano right away.

Meanwhile in Abhishek’s house, Abhishek tells Tanuja that he was stuck in a situation with his rivals who kept on filing a case against him and his company. He says that he was ready to give the money and settle the case outside the court but Rishi advised him not to do so. He says that for the first time in life Rishi has given a correct advice because his advice has made him fearless and his counter case on them has scared them.

Netra’s mother talks to Rano and asks her if she remembers how vibrant Netra was 7 years ago. She says that since that time she has been hoping that Rishi will fall in love with her and get married to her. She says that it is not just Netra’s fault because it is her mother in laws house and she is keeping her expectations up. She folds her hands in front of Rano and says that she is begging for the life of her daughter. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 14 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Plays The Game Of Guilt With Tanuja)

Netra’s mother then goes and talks to Rishi. She tells him that he is doing injustice to the girl who is living with him since 7 long years and is taking care of his daughter. She says that the people of the society are making fun of her because she is still not married to him and is a mother of a child. She asks Rishi to either get married to her or she will take her away from the Bedi house. Rishi stops Netra’s mother from taking Netra with her and says that he will find a solution very soon. Her mother says that there is no other solution to this problem except his marriage with Netra. Rishi gets worried that he has promised Natasha that he will get married to Tanuja and will bring her and her mother back to the house. He can never get married to Netra because he has never loved her.