Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja talks to Abhishek and says that she desperately needs to marry him. She says that she has no financial standing of her own and Rishi will use it against her to take Natasha away. Tanuja says that this is the only way with which she can make sure that Natasha stays close to her. She asks Abhishek if he is ready to marry her. Abhishek says that this is the scariest marriage proposal anyone can ever get. Tanuja then gets a little polite and asks him to marry her. Abhishek agrees and says that he is ready to marry her because he loves Natasha very much.

After Tanuja proposes Abhishek for marriage, Rishi feels that something very wrong is happening. He gets scared and all the wrong thoughts flood his mind.  When Manpreet goes into his room, he finds Ahaana looking at the moon and crying. He knows that she is missing Tanuja and after today’s conversation with Netra, she will not go ahead and ask Tanuja to come to the Bedi house. She says that she desperately wants Tanuja to be with her in this house but because she can’t forget what Netra has done for Smiley’s child, she can’t go ahead and do what her heart says.

Rano talks to Netra and praises her for doing what she did today. She thinks that Netra tried to blackmail Ahaana into supporting her but Netra clarifies herself and says that she is already burdened with what Ahaana and Manpreet have done for her. She says that they have given her a beautiful daughter and she can never repay them back, so she was not manipulating or blackmailing them. She says that she just tried for Rishi not to go and meet Tanuja because Tanuja insults him every single time. She says that because she is in love with Rishi she feels bad when Rishi gets insulted. She tells Rano that things are now in her hands and she has to make everything right. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 15 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Proposes Abhishek For Marriage)

Meanwhile Natasha creates a big deal about Tanuja getting married to Abhishek. She says that dhe needs an invitation card and wants to be treated like a special guest. Natasha talks to Tanuja and says that she would like to get Rishi married on the same day as well. She thinks that it would be like a game of dolls and every husband and wife would get married once again.