Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that everyone in the Khurana family gets ready for the mehndi ceremony of Abhishek and Tanuja. Rishi comes and asks everyone to leave for the venue and Abhishek asks him if he has chosen a venue as per his reputation or not. Rishi says that his taste is equally classy and he has chosen a beautiful place for their mehndi ceremony. When Tanuja comes downstairs everyone gets surprised to see how breathtakingly beautiful she looks.

When Tanuja starts to get in the car with Abhishek, Rishi stops her and says that Ahaana will take her to the venue. Ahaana takes her to the venue and tells her that Rishi wanted her to kidnap Tanuna and get her married to him. She says that she didn’t do anything which he said because she started to feel that she is falling out of love with Rishi. Tanuja tells Ahaana that she can never fall out of love with Rishi. She has always been in love with him and she knows that Rishi loves him too. She tells Ahaana that Abhishek doesn’t even love her but she is getting married to him because of Natasha’s custody. While telling her feelings to Ahaana Tanuja says that 27 years ago when Rishi was getting engaged to Neha, she was feeling the same pain which he is feeling today. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 18 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Rishi And Tanuja Be Separated By Destiny?)

She says that things have not changed and she knows that they will not change in the future as well. She tells Ahaana that Natasha is the only hope of her life and Rishi tends to take her away. She says that she is doing nothing wrong by marrying Abhishek. Ahaana suddenly realises that she is her Tanu di. She hugs Tanuja and tells her that she just spoke about an incident which only she and her Tanu di knew. Suddenly Abhishek comes and asks Tanuja why she cries when she meets Ahaana. Tanuja says that it’s between the sisters and he need not know. Ahaana  tells manpreet her new found truth and he gets shocked just like her.