Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja gets surprised to see that her wedding invitation cards are ready to be distributed. Abhishek says that he knows that they don’t have time, so he got the cards prepared as soon as possible. Tanuja holds a card in her hands and says that she would go to Rishi’s house and would break the news to him herself.  Meanwhile in the base the Bedi house, Rishi and Manpreet celebrate that Tanuja is finally coming back to their house. Manpreet telld Rishi that there is an urgent meeting in their London office and he has to go to London immediately. Rishi asks him to go and says that Tanuja is coming to the Bedi house after 7 long years and he needs to be present to welcome her. Next day in the morning Rishi meets everyone in his family and announces that Tanuja is coming back to the Bedi house.  Coincidently Tanuja comes at the same time to give her wedding invitation to Rishu and he is un aware of the fact that she is ready to get married to Abhishek.  Rishi says that he very well knows that she is ready to come back to the Bedi house. He says that he was present at the same shop where she was shopping. He only selected the dress which she liked very much. She says that she liked it so much that she would wear it on her engagement day. Rishi thinks that she is getting engaged to him but Tanuja breaks his illusion and says that she is getting engaged to Abhishek, not him. Tanuja gives the card to Rishi and says that it is her wedding with Abhishek and he should come to bless the bride and groom on the day of their wedding. She says that he should not come alone, he should bring his entire family and bless her for a new life. Rishi gets seething with anger and tears the card apart. When Rishi gets angry, Tanuja turns towards Netra. Tanuja says that she should keep her husband in control because her husband is bugging her again and again. She says that when she came to the Bedi house, she knew that Rishi is already married and is staying happily with his wife but still she had the courage to get engaged to him in front of her eyes. She says that she kept begging at that time.(ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 16 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhishek And Tanuja Prepare For Their Marriage)

She asked Rishi and everyone else in the Bedi family not to get him engaged to Netra but no one listened to her and today when she is ready to move on, no one is allowing her to do so. She blames Rano and sas that it is because of her that they have to ace separation. She says that Rano kept bringing new girls for him to get married to. Rano never wanted her in the house and ahe played every trick in the book to throw her out of the house. She reminds Rishi that because of Rano he got engaged to Netra and threw her out.