Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi asks his company secretary to buy back all the shares from Abhishek Khurana. He takes Raj’s opinion and asks him if he is taking the right decision by buying his own shares at higher price. Raj tells him that everything is fair in love and war and he is doing this because he sees a future with Tanuja. Natasha and Tanya come to Rishi’s office and Natasha asks Rishi if he would get married to her mother. Rishi gets confused because Natasha still thinks that can Tanuja is getting married to him. She asks him to make a promise to her that he will marry her mother. Rishi smilingly makes a promise.

Abhishek signs a contract with an event organizing company and makes sure that Rishi doesn’t hire him for some other event to ruin his wedding. Rishi meets Tanuja and asks her if she really loves Natasha very much.  Tanuja says that she loves Natasha very much and she can do anything for her. Rishi understands Tanuja’s point of view and says that she is getting married to Abhishek just to make sure that Natasha stays close to her. He asks Tanuja not to get married to Abhishek and promises her that he will take the custody case back.  Tanuja recalls what Abhishek told her. Abhishek said that Rishi would play mind games with her and would try to cancel her wedding just to make sure that he wind Natasha’s custody case. When Tanuja comes back home she finds the priest leaving and he tells Tanuja that she is going against her destiny by making this decision and she should not do so. He says that her destiny is meant for someone else and she can’t play with it. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Tanuja’s Destiny Lead Her To Rishi Once Again?)

Abhishek’s mausi talks to Tanuja and asks her to give her a promise. She asks Tanuja never to leave Abhishek’s side. When Tanuja makes the promise to her, she tells her that the priest saw her Kundli today and he told her that her destiny is meant for someone else and Abhishek is mistaken if he intends to marry her.