Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Natasha gets exited to know that Rishi will now be staying with her. She tells Tanuja that she will greet him everyday in the morning and she is really happy that Rishi is not staying with them. After a little while Tanuja finds Natasha talking to Rishi in her room. She could hear the higgles in their voices and she saw that Natasha is really happy to be with Rishi. She talks to Rishi and asks him why he is doing all this to her.  Rishi says that he was just enjoying some quality time with his daughter. Tanuja tells him that after marriage Natasha will stay with her and he is hurting himself by bringing him closer to her. Rishi says that Natasha is his blood after all and he is naturally drawn towards her. Tanuja once again reminds him that she is getting married to Abhishek very soon. She says that it is not a superficial marriage, every ritual will be performed. As she expected Rishi says that he will perform all the rituals but not Abhishek. Tanuja tells Rishi that he is always over confident about certain things and he is mistaken this time as well. She says that he can stay in the house and very well witness her marriage ceremonies with Abhishek. She says that he will hurt himself deliberately because she is going to get married to Abhishek at all costs. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 23 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Moves To Tanuja’s House For The Wedding)

Everyone in Abhishek’s house misbehaves with Rishi because they are angry with him for trying to take Tanuja away from the house. Even Tanuja misbehaves with Rishi at the dining table. While servinh food to everyone, she ignores Rishi and doesn’t give anything to him. Tanuja starts crying because she feels bad for not serving any food to Rihi. She blames herself for making him sleep on an empty stomach but later on thinks that she is now getting married to Abhishek and she should get used to behaving like this with Rishi. Manpreet comes back from London and finds out that Rishi is staying in Tanuja house and is arranging her marriage with Abhishek. He goes to meet him at Abhishek’s house and gives him some courage to handle the situations.