Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that when Rishi chooses mehndi for Tanuja, Myra ends up saying that it’s his Mehndi so he has every right to choose the designs for Tanuja. When she realises that she has said the wrong thing she quickly corrects her mistake and says that he is organizing each and every ceremony, so he has every right to choose the designs of the mehndi as well.

Meanwhile Abhishek keeps on recalling the moment when he asked Natasha to go out with him for an ice cream but she refused and decided to go for an ice cream with Rishi instead. Abhishek gets so heartbroken that he starts smashing flower vases on the floor. He goes to talk to Rishi and asks him to stop his cheap tactics to come close to Natasha. He says that Natasha has a very impressionable mind and heart and he being her father should not be misusing her emotions.  Abhishek tells Rishi that he feels furious when Natasha chooses Rishi over him. Rishi says that he too feels annoyed when Natasha calls him papa even though he is not his biological father. Abhishek gets so seething with anger that he asks Rohit to call his lawyer. He says that he needs to take action against Rishi right away. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 26 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Myra Helps Rishi And His Team In Switching The Mehendi)

Meanwhile in the mehndi ceremony Biji asks everyone to gear up for a couple dance.  Abhishek asks Tanuja to dance with her and Rishi starts to dance with Netra. In between the dance sequence the pairs exchange and Rishi successfully puts mehndi on Tanuja’s hands. Tanuja leaves and decides to wash off the mehendi. Rishi stops her but she washes it off anyway. Rishi points out towards the colour of the mehndi on hands and says that this is the colour of love. She may try to wash it off as many times as she can but it will not fade. Tanuja gets angry with Rishi and asks her to leave. She sas that she wants to get married to Abhishek and it’s  time for him to stop bothering her. Rishi says that she is lying to herself and is not aware that she too is in love with him. Tanuja denies once again and Rishi smashes his fist on the mirror. He starts to bleed and Tanuja shows her concern once again.