Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Dadi tells Tanuja and Abhishek that their family has come to the Bedi house after a very long time and she would like to celebrate the occasion of Diwali together. They all sit down to play passing the parcel. When the pillow stops, Abhishek starts to sing a song and Rishi doesn’t let him complete because he was singing it for Tanuja. Abhishek feels insulted but doesn’t say anything to Rishi. Rishi deliberately uses this game to flirt with Tanuja. He makes Tanuja in act the movie I Love you and uses the game to come closer to Tanuja.

When the time for Laxmi Pujan comes, Natasha tells the Bedi family that Tanuja will start the pooja. Abhishek’s mausi stops her and says that Tanuja prays to Laxmiji in her own home not in the baby house. Natasha says that Mr Handsome’s house is her own house and that is why she wants Tanuja to pray. Mausi asks Abhishek to pray with Tanuja and says that a couple prays to Goddess Lakshmi together for her blessings but Rishi doesn’t let Abhishek join Tanuja in the Aarti. Natasha comes and joins Rishi and Tanuja and their family prays to Laxmi Ji together. Abhishek  once again feels insulted. He fells as his Rishi took over his family and he is left with nothing. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 26 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Takes Tanuja Home On Diwali)

The lights of the Bedi house get switched off and Rishi once again finds Tanuja.  he tells her that she is very beautiful and he has not seen a more serene face ever in his life.  He says that didn’t praise her in front of everyone because she is special to him and he wanted her to know that. Manpreet asks Rishi if he is going back to Abhishek’s house after Diwali. Rishi says that  Abhishek will not let him do that but Abhishek’s mausi invites him once again.