Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja gets a call from Netra and she asks her to come to the coffee house because she has something important to talk about. While talking on the phone Rishi cuts his finger and Tanuja keeps on listening to what Netra is saying. She doesn’t pay attention to Rishi’s wound and leaves for the coffee house. Rishi thinks that there must be something really important because Tanuja never ignored his pain and paid attention to something else. While waiting for her in the coffee shop Netra thinks that if Tanuja will tell Rishi that she wanted to meet her then Rishi would be furious. She decides to leave the coffee shop but finds Abhishek coming inside. Abhishek looks at Netra standing in the corner and he asks her if she is waiting for Rishi. Netra agrees and Abhishek says that she should come and sit with him till the time Rishi arrives.  Tanuja also arrives in the same coffee shop and Netra thinks that if Abhishek will find out that she is here to meet Tanuja then things will go all wrong.

Tanuja waits for Netr and gives her a call that Netra doesn’t pick up. Tanuja leaves and finds Rishi on the way. Abhishek also decides to leave in a little while and Tanuja and Abhishek hide behind the curtain to hide from him. Rishi thinks that Tanuja is trying to convey something to him. Netra calls Rishi from te coffee house and asks him if she could meet him for coffee. Rihi lies to her and says that he is in the office. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Netra Plans To Ruin Rishi’s Plan To Marry Tanuja)

When he reaches home he asks Tanuja if she has something to say to him. He says that he is very much aware of the feeling she has for him. He asks her not to go through with the wedding and to realise her love for him. Tanuja says that she is definitely getting married to Abhishek and he should concentrate on the wedding preparations. She keeps on telling herself that her relationship with Rishi has ended and she should not have any soft corner for him. She won’t be able to perform her duties towards Abhishek if she keeps on feeling the love for Rishi.