Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  29th March 2017 episode we will see that Purab visits the Bedi house once again and warns everyone. Rano Makes a plan to use the occasion of Holi to give Bhaang to Tanuja and to get her signatures on the property papers. She asks the lawyer to make the property papers in her name this time and gets Rishi’s help to get Tanuja’s signatures on them. But she doesn’t know that the lawyer who is drafting her papers, is already an alliance of Purab. After Rano manages to get the signatures, she calls the lawyer and asks him to come to the Bedi house to collect the papers.

She expects the lawyer to submit them to court and proceed with the transfer of ownership. Rano doesn’t know that the lawyer will not submit the property papers to the court, instead, will take them to Purab and get them forgerd to his name. Purab knows a con man who can forge the property papers which have original signatures of Tanuja on them. Malaika starts rejoicing that the Bedi property will be all hers this time without putting any efforts.  Rano has given her everything she dreamed of served on a platter (Also Read: Purab asks Tanuja to return his property)

Before the lawyer could come to collect the papers in the morning, Tanuja teams up with beeji to steal them. But Rishi fails her plan and enters Rano’s room at night. Beeji tells the entire story to Raj and he gets scared that Tanuja will now not be able to save Rishi from Purab’s evil plan. Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki we will see that Purab comes to the Bedi house on the same morning when Rano plans to give the property papers to the lawyer. Purab warns the Bedi members and gives them an ultimatum of 7 days to give 51% of his shares to him.

He knows that the Bedis are already scared, so he tries to overpower them with the consequences of not cooperating with him. He says that one day has already passed and there are just 6 more days to go. He once again warns Rishi not to be over smart and to handover his share to him easily. He once again threatens him that he has each and every secret of the Bedi family which he can reveal to the entire world and the reputation of the Bedi’s will come shattering down to the ground.  (Also Read: Purab plays a trick with Rano; Will the Bedi’s loose everything this time?)

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