In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  29th March 2017 episode we will see that  Purab comes to the Bedi house and everyone gets shocked to see him. The Bedi family conveys it to him that he is not welcome in the Bedi house. Purab reminds Tanuja that he gave 7 days to Rishi to transfer his property to him and out of the 7 days, one day is already over. Tanuja says that she will not give a single penny to him and he can leave the their house. Just as she says this, Rano comes and tells Tanuja that she can’t give a single penny to anyone because she doesn’t own anything anymore. Rano says that she now owns everything and will now give the 55% shares which Purab is asking for to him and then she doesn’t want to see his face ever again in your life. Tanuja get shocked and says how she managed to get the property transferred to her name. Rano then reveals that she took each and every property with Tanuja took from Rishi by fraud. She reveals her plans where she mixed a little bit of bhaang with her thandai and in her lost senses she took her signatures on the property papers with the help of Rishi. She Tanuja and tells her that she too is capable to cheating and has transferred the property using her manipulating skills.

After revealing her plan Rano asks Tanuja to leave the Bedi house forever. Rishi says that the property is in the name of Rano now and she has to do whatever his mother asks for. To prove that she is now the owner of the Bedi properties, Rano asks the lawyer to come and read the file out loudly to all the Bedi members. When the lawyer starts reading the papers, everyone finds out that instead of transferring the properties Tanuja has transferred her wisdom through the papers.

Tanuja has drafted some rules for the Bedi family to follow. The rules say that exercise is mandatory for everyone living in the Bedu house and there is no room for the guests to just come and go. If the guests come to the Bedi house, they have to co-operate and work for the household chores. Tanuja makes Ahaana her supervising manager and asks her to keep a check on everyone. (Also Read: Purab asks Tanuja to return his property)

Rano then gets Furious and snatches over the file from the lawyer’s hand. She finds out that somehow the papers have changed and instead of the property papers, a new file is in her hands. Now  Tanuja takes the center stage and says that since everything remains with her, everyone has to follow her Orders and the ones who have an objection, is free to leave.  (Also Read: Purab plays a trick with Rano; Will the Bedi’s loose everything this time?)

Rano asks Netra if she really saw the property papers on which Tanuja gave her signatures. Netra says that she is sure that the papers were property papers but they vanished somehow. Tanuja then comes and joins the conversation and tells Rano that she was the one who stole the papers. Tanuja mocks Rano and says that she did exactly what her mother in law was doing to her.

Beji remind Tanuja that the traitor of the Bedi houses has still not been found. Beji hints it to Tanuja that maybe Netra is the one who is revealing the secrets of the Bedi family to Purab. Beji decides to stay in Netra’s room for the nigh and find out the truth about her. Yuvraj and Manpreet try to make Rishi take a stand against Tanuja. (Also Read: WHAT?? Rano gave all the Bedi properties to Purab?)