Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that after feeling that she needs to destroy all of her feeling towards Rishi, Tanuja throws her precious anklet out of the window but coincidently Rishi catches it and expresses his gratitude towards God. He says that it is destiny’s way to tell him that he needs to take Tanuja back with him. Abhishek’s mausi decides to call the Bedis and invite them personally for Abhishek’s ring ceremony. Raj picks up the phone and says that he is very sorry but no one from the Bedi family will be able to attend the function. Abhishek’s mausi says that someday or the other they have to accept the fact that Tanuja is moving on. Biji tells Raj that she needs to talk to Abhishek’s Mausi. Biji assures her that she would come along with the entire Bedi family for the wedding and for the ring ceremony as well.

Rishi gets hurt in the hand and finds it difficult to eat his food. Tanuja comes and makes him eat with her own hands. Next day in the morning Abhishek’s mausi and Myra get surprised to see that the house is beautifully decorated for the ring ceremony. Meanwhile in the Bedi house, Netra meets Rano and Rano advises her to stop Rishi from being successful in his motives. She tellz Netra that it is Rishi who is arranging everything for Tanuja’s marriage and he intends to stop it.(ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 28 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Is Sure About Marrying Abhishek And Moving On In Life)

Netra says that she is aware of Rishi’s intentions but she can’t do anything because it is his wish and he will go to any limits to fulfill it. Rano says that just like her, she will go to any limits to stop Tanuja from marrying Abhishek. She should also go to any limits to make sure that Tanuja married Abhishek.  Rano says that she should work towards making this marriage a success and she will make sure that she supports her.