In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  3 April 2017 episode we will see that Purab is still struggling to get the 55 percent shares of the Bedi property. He has tried every trick in the book to manipulate Rishi to give more than half of his property to him. He blackmailed him by telling him that Raj left his mother after successfully getting his American citizenship. Rishi agrees to give his property after realizing that Purab had a troubled childhood because of his dad. But Tanuja fails all of Purab’s plans when she announces that she is the owner of the Bedi property and not Rishi.

Rano tried to trick Tanuja to give her signature on the property papers by mixing Bhang in her drink on the occasion of Holi. She has teamed up with Netra to get the Bedi property back to rightful hands but Tanuja ruins their plan when she signed the property papers but not without listing a number of conditions. Rishi gets honored as the business man of the year and Tanuja plans a grand party to celebrate his success. Malaika and Purab are tired of their failures and have finally decided to kill Tanuja. They have hired a Contract Killer and have asked him to attend Rishi’s success party. They are trying to get Tanuja killed in her own house. (Also Read: Tanuja outsmarts Rano; fails Purab’s plan)

When Rishi takes the center stage at the party, he thanks his brothers for their contribution towards making him successful. Yuvraj is fed up of the Divya’s constant nagging and her attempts to make Yuvraj independent and have a spine. But Rishi’s gesture brings some self-confidence in Yuvraj. He is glad that his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki we will see that Malaika and Purab are hoping for Tanuja to be killed at the party. The killer is not getting a chance to shoot her. So its interesting to see if Tanuja turns unlucky and gets shot before exposing Purab. Will the contract killer find the right moment to fire the bullet at Tanuja and tear the Bedi family apart? The Bedi member who has been betraying the trust of the entire family has still not been found. Will Tanuja be able to reveal his identity this time? (Also Read: Malaika tries to kill Tanuja at Rishi’s party)