In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  30th March 2017 episode we will see that Malaika loses her temper when she finds out that Purab has failed to get the property papers signed. She even asks the lawyer about the papers and her signatures. The lawyer explains the to her that Tanuja switched the papers at night and hence he was unable to get her the property she needed. Malaika tells Purab that Tanuja is getting harder to defeat and is becoming more cunning with each passing day. She tells Purab that Shekhar made a fail proof plan to make Tanuja suffer but Tanuja failed his plan and sent Shekhar to jail. She narrates the entire story to him and tells him how she and Shekhar kidnapped Rishi instead of Tanuja and their plan got ruined when sh managed to make Rishi escape.

Purab tells Malaika that he know has a plan which we make Tanuja suffer and there will be no escaping from it.

Beji wakes up in Netra’s room next day in the morning. Netra brings a hot cup of tea for her and tells her that she found her snoring at night and that is why she covered her with a blanket. Before beji could leave, Netra tells her that she knows why she was lurking around in her room at night. Netra tells beji that Rano told her about her illness. She knows that she has a habit of walking in her sleep and that is why she came to her room at night. After Weaver leaves Netra things in the heart that she knew busy came to find the truth about her being the traitor of the family.

Nakul comes and announces it to Rishi that he has got an award for being the best Businessman of the Year. As soon as Rishi gets the award, he takes it to Rano and says that it is all because of his mother that he has received this award today. (Also Read: Will the Bedi family become Tanuja’s puppet?)

Divya tries to brainwash Nakul against the Bedi family and says that the award which Rishi got is all because of the hard work of Yuvraj. Yuvraj comes and takes out his anger on Divya and tells her to leave if she has a problem with the Bedi family. He tells Divya that this is his family and Rishi is his brother whom she is talking about. She asks her to mind her own business or to leave the Bedi house if she has problems.

Tanuja organizes a big party to honor Rishi for receiving the award of the Businessman of the Year. Tanuja asks beji to call and invite Purab and Malaika to this party as well. Beji asks her why she is inviting her enemies to a party which she is giving for her husband. Tanuja tells beji that she wants to show it to Purab that only Rishi is capable enough to make Bedi Enterprises such a big success. She wants to make it clear to Purab that he is not capable earning a single penny himself. (Also Read: Tanuja outsmarts Rano; fails Purab’s plan)

Purab gets a call from the Bedi family that he is invited to the party which is organized in the honor of Rishi. Initially Purab doesn’t consider going to the party but Malaika tells him to go and meet Tanuja for one last time. She tells him that she is coming straight from the jail and has met Shekhar. She tells him that Shekhar has already talked to the guy who will kill Tanuja tonight. So it is their job to go to the party and to make sure that the person gets an entry to Rishi’s party.

Malaika meets the person who she has given the contract to kill Tanuja tonight. (Also Read: WHAT?? Rano gave all the Bedi properties to Purab?)