In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  30 March 2017 episode we will see that Tanuja has once again taken control over the Bedi’s. Rano tries to act smart and gets Tanuja’s signature on the property papers. In the holi celebrations she mixes bhaang in her drink to make her dizzy so that she can be easily fooled into signing the property papers. She takes Rishi in confidence and successfully gets Tanuja’s signatures on the property papers. But Tanuja outsmarts her and steals the property papers at night and switches them with some rules for the Bedi family.

When the lawyer and Purab comes the next morning, Rano tells Rishi that she has successfully managed to transfer the property to her name and she is now the new owner of the Bedi properties. She asks Rishi to throw Tanuja out of the house because she doesn’t want her to stay with her family. To prove that she is the new owner, Rano asks the lawyer to read out the property papers but to her shock when the lawyer reads them out loud, she realizes that Tanuja switched the papers and no one believes that everything is in Rano’s name.

Tanuja gives one last warning to Purab and asks him to leave the Bedi house. She tells him that he is not welcome here anymore and she also gives the warning to all the Bedi members that whoever doesn’t want to stay under her roof and follow her rules is free to leave the Bedi house.(Also Read: Purab asks Tanuja to return his property)

Rano gets Furious at this sudden turn of events and takes a pledge that she will teach Tanuja a good lesson this time. After the matter is sorted Tanuja gets back to work and tries to find out about the person who has been betraying the trust of the Bedi family. Beji says that she thinks Netra is the one who is letting the secrets out and is helping Purab in getting 55% of the shares of the Bedi family.  (Also Read: WHAT?? Rano gave all the Bedi properties to Purab?)

Beji decides to reveal Netra’s truth to everyone and takes her phone to record everything. She decides to sit in Netra’s room for the whole night and get proof that she is the one who is betraying their trust.

Tonight and Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki we will see if Tanuja and beji successfully find out the person who has teamed up with Purab and is leaking out their secrets. (Also Read: Tanuja outsmarts Rano; fails Purab’s plan)