In Kasam Tere Pyar Ki  31st March 2017 episode we see that Tanuja organizes a very grand party to honor Rishi for receiving the business man of the Year award. Beji tries to talk to Rano and tell her that she won’t be able to find any fault with Tanuja’s arrangements for this celebration. Rano tells her that the celebrations will not be credited to Tanuja because her money has been used in this. She, Rano Singh Bedi, is the owner of the Bedi properties not Tanuja.

Malaika and Shekhar come hand in hand to the party. Manpreet mocks Purab for coming to a party in which he wasn’t even invited. Purab explains it to him that Tanuja’s manager called him and invited him to the celebration. Purab then insults Manpreet but Ahaana comes to his rescue and tells him to back off. She also asks Malaika not to interfere and insult her husband because she doesn’t have any self respect of her own. She insults her by saying that she changes men like clothes and is no one to judge someone else’s character.
Rishi and Tanuja get ready for the party and just as Tanuja leaves Rishi realizes that the zip of her blouse is still open. Rishi deliberately takes Tanuja to a corner,  pushes her against the wall and asks her not to go to the party. He tells her that her zip is still open and she needs to go fix her dress. Rishi fixes the shape of a dress and after he leave Tanuja feels that she wants him as her husband in all of her lives after this one.
After Rishi goes down stairs, Netra also comes up to him and asks him to zip up her dress. But this time Rishi tricks and brings a waiter to do the honors. When Netra comes to the party Purab glances towards her and beji thinks that she is the one who is the traitor of the Bedi family. Rishi talks to Yuvraj and tells him that he is surprised to know that Malaika has started dating Purab.  (Also Read: Tanuja outsmarts Rano; fails Purab’s plan)
The person, to whom Malaika has given the contract to kill Tanuja, enters the party as a waiter and is ready to find the right moment to shoot her. Manpreet take the centerstage and announces that he is extremely happy to see Rishi achieve this milestone in his career. He says that there are many people present in the party who tried everything in the power to make Rishi a failure but Rishi failed them all and successfully created a place for himself in the business world.
The contract killer tries many times to kill Tanuja but again and again someone comes in between her way and he fails to shoot her.
In his acceptance speech Rishi thanks his brothers specially Yuvraj for his contribution in making him a success. After the speech Rishi comes to Tanuja and whispers thank you in the ears as well.  (Also Read: Will the Bedi family become Tanuja’s puppet?)