Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Abhishek talks to his friend and tells him that Tanuja is getting attracted towards Rishi once again. His friend Rohit tells him that Tanuja has not said anything to him in words and he might be reading in between the lines. Abhishek says that he has seen something which made him feel like an outsider in between Rishi and Tanuja. Rohit advises Rishi to be calm and to try and mingle with the Bedi family till the time he is here.

Rishi meet the Bedi family and gets over friendly with Rano.  He asks Rano to cook some sweets for him because he feels like she is his own mother. All the love from Abhishek makes Rano feel respected and she agrees to cook for him. Rishi goes to Tanuja’s room and looks at the magazine which Tanuja hid last night. When he picks it up he realises that Tanuja was looking at his picture before going to bed. When Natasha wakes up, she asks Rishi to take her to her father. Rishi says that he is there but Natasha says that she wants to go to Abhishek. Ahaana makes tea for Abhishek and Abhishek tells her that she makes it just like Tanuja. He expresses his gratitude towards her and towards the entire Bedi family because they love Tanuja very much.

Abhishek takes tea to Tanuja he finds her walking, he asks her to take rest and says that the doctor has advised her not to move for a few days. Tanuja tells Abhishek that Rishi took Natasha to meet him. Abhishek says that he is Natasha’s morning dose and after she’s done looking at him for 2 minutes she goes to play with someone. When Tanuja tastes the tea, she instantly recognises that Ahaana made it. Abhishek gets surprised to see that Tanuja and Ahaana have such a strong connection. He starts to dig up her past and Tanuja gets irritated.  Abhishek says that he wants to know more about her but Tanuja tells him that the new version of her which he is already aware of, is the one she is proud of. She says that the old Tanuja was foolish person. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 30 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi Stays With Tanuja And Natasha In Their Room)

Rishi comes to Tanuja with breakfast and starts feeding her with his own hand. He flirts with Tanuja and makes Abhishek uncomfortable.  His actions tell Abhishek  that he is unwelcome in his house. Abhishek gets upset because Rishi keeps getting closer to Tanuja in front of him. He tells Tanuja that she can stay in the Bedi house for as long as she wants but he will be leaving. After Abhishek level Tanuja tells Rishi that he didn’t do the right thing.