Tanuja Singh Bedi (Kratika Sengar) is one of the most popular television actresses of today’s time. Here telly show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is also the highest ranking show on the small screen too. The prime time soap opera is a love story and a reincarnation drama. It’s about how they have managed to love each other and stay together in spite of the hardships like divorce and death. It sounds strange but Tanuja is the reincarnation of Tanu, Rishi’s first love and beloved wife, who was shot while trying to save his life. But the reincarnation saga is also not doing wonders to Rishi’s love life. In fact, he is still struggling to accept his wife’s reincarnated version and also the girl who is much much younger to her age.

All said and done, the protagonist Tanuja is seen as victim in this telly show. Despite being the leading lady she is often at the receiving end and crying most of the times. Instead of inspiring women out there she is giving out signals that she is the very woman that one must never be.

Here are the top five things that all the women out there should avoid learning from Tanuja:

1.Don’t be the DRAMA QUEEN: 

Men are not at all fond of emotional atyachar but our beloved Tanuja is always busy trying to entangle Rishi into her love trap. We know she loves him with all her heart but who plays silly games and lies about being in and out of love so frequently. Few days ago Tanuja was ready to die because she couldn’t imagine her life without Rishi and now she is ready to divorce him for his own good. She threw a party for celebrating Rishi being the businessman of the year and then told him that he nothing more than an employee for her. That is so mean Tanuja and you should have clarity of what you want in life.

2. Don’t lie to your husband:

The one thing which upsets us the most is the fact that Rishi and Tanuja never completely committed to each other. There is always some misunderstanding going on between them and they don’t hesitate before lying to each other. These days Tanuja is lying to Rishi about her fake love for money. She has taken his property and wants to save him from Purab’s evil plan. Tanuja, if you are so good at heart, involve your husband in your plans. Don’t keep lying to him for no reason this will just ruin things for you in the end.  (Also Read: Tanuja outsmarts Rano; fails Purab’s plan)

3. Stop being so jealous:

We recently saw that Tanuja got jealous of Malaika. She found out that Rishi was looking at Malaika from a very faraway place and it made Tanuja jealous. He didn’t flirt, he didn’t even talk to her, and still our beloved Tanuja had a fight with Rishi. Don’t be so bossy lady.

4. Being the Tyag ki Murat, is the thing of the past:

Tanuja is very often seen sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of her family. She again and again puts her life at stake to save Rishi or other members of the Bedi family but the Bedi members still start doubting her intentions, the minute things go wrong. We are not encouraging a rebellious of selfish attitude but Tanuja should learn to respect herself sometimes. Is her life or her happiness so rubbish that it can go down the drain for anyone else. Well, we don’t think so. Love your family, but don’t always try to be the bigger person by making yourself sad. (ALso Read: Will tonight be Taunja’s last night alive?)