Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Rishi drives away from the Bedi house  and kepps thinking about what Rano and Netra said to him. He tells himself that he is in love with Tanuja and he can never marry any other woman. Meanwhile Abhishek tells Tanuja that he has fired Rishi. He says that he will not be taking care of any ceremonies from now onwards because he is fired and he has cancelled the contract with Rishi’s event management company. Tanuja says that when she asked him to make Rishi stay in the house, she just wanted to see if she can bear his presence while she gets married to him. Tanuja says that she thought that she won’t be affected by Rishi’s presence but she was mistaken. She too wanted Rishi to go. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Abhishek finds that Rishi is standing at his door. Rishi starts to make some noise and Abhishek tells him that he should speak quietly because his family members would wake up. Rishi takes Tanuja outside of the house and locks the door so that they can have some quiet time together. Tanuja tell Rishi that he deliberately made her wear this ring and it doesn’t mean that he is engaged to her. Tanuja tells him that the ring is stuck on her finger and she can’t seem to take it off. Rishi calls her a liar and says that he knows she is able to take the ring off but she wont do it . Rishi ted Tanuja that he has a habit of recording all the beautiful moments of his life and he also recorded the time when she took the ring out and slid it back into her finger.  Rishi starts blackmailing Tanuja and says that if she will not let him stay in the house then he would show this video to everyone. He says that if she manages to get him inside the house then she can have his phone and delete the video right here. Tanuja convinces Abhishek to let Rishi stay in their house for one more day. She apologizes to him for going against his decision but Abhishek tells her that he trusts her completely. He says that he knows she won’t do the wrong thing. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 4 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Got Engaged To Rishi Once Again)

At night Tanuja goes to Rishi’s room to find his phone and delete the video. When she goes inside she manages to delete the video but suddenly a bat enters his room from the window. Tanuja and Rishi hide beneath a bedsheet till the time the bat goes away. After the bat goes away and sits in the corner, Tanuja goes to her room and Rishi follows her. Tanuja asks Rishi to go back to his room because she can’t sleep with him in the same room. She says that he is scared of the bat and he will sleep in her room, she is free to go and use his room for the night. Tanuja doesn’t go and stays in her room with Rishi.