Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja goes to the terrace and before she could say anything, Rishi welcomes her and tell her that he knew she would come. Tanuja tells Rishi that she was putting Natasha to sleep and that is why she got a little bit late.  Rishi takes the first bite and makes Tanuja eat with his own hands. Tanuja also makes Rishi eat with her hands. She asks Risji if he likes the food she cooks for him. Rishi says that he loves her food because she makes it with all of the love she has. He says that her feeling matter more to him than the food. After they have dinner Tanuja starts to leave and Rishi stops her by holding her dupatta. He removes hair from her face and asks her why she is not wearing any earrings. Tanuja says that she is living in his house since a few days and she didn’t get a chance to bring any earrings from her house.

Rishi points out towards a table where we had kept earrings and bangles for Tanuja. He makes Tanuja wear all the jewelry himself and Tanuja breaks down in front of him. She says that the more she tries to go away from him the more closer he gets to her. She says that she tries hard not to feel the love she has for him but she fails every single time. He says that he to feels exactly the same for her. He tells Tanuja that no matter what happens she will be his forever. Rishi and Tanuja pour their heart out to each other. Rishi says that he has been holding onto his heart breaks in 7 long years and he doesn’t know how to handle the pain anymore. They both start to cry and Rishi blesses Tanuja with all the happiness she deserves. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 2 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Tanuja Know That Rishi Is Not Married To Netra?)

Tanuja tells Rishi that in these 7 years she thought about picking up the phone and giving him a call many times but then she stopped herself thinking about the new family and the new relations he made after her. Rishi says that he never made any relationships after her because he always wanted to be by his side. He says that he missed her every moment of every day. Meanwhile Abhishek starts to search for Tanuja. Ahaana finds him walking the halls of the Bedi house trying to find her. She lies to Abhishek and says that Tanuja is with her in her room and they are chit chatting. Abhishek tells Ahaana that he needs to ask Tanuja if she wants to go back to her house early in the morning. He was that the doctor has now allowed her to travel and she can go back with him. Abhishek starts going to the terrace and Manpower stalls him by talking about random things. He knows that Tanuja and Rishi are on the terrace and if Abhishek will go there, they will be startled.