Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that Tanuja goes to her room in the morning and finds Abhishek sleeping with Natasha. Abhishek says that she must be feeling really good after catching up after a very long time. Tanuja gets puzzled because she doesn’t know that Ahaana told Abhishek that she was with her. Tanuja thinks that Abhishek knows about her and Rishi and that is why he is mocking her. Abhishek tells her that when two people are best friends and they love each other as much as she loves Ahaana then they take all night to catch up with each other after 7 long years. Abhishek asks Tanuja if she wants to go with him to their house and Tanuja says that she is ready to go.

As Abhishek gets ready, he overhears Manpreet talking to Ahaana. Manpreet tell her that Rishi plans to bring Natasha to the Bedi house in order to convince Tanuja to live with him. He says that Rishi intends to have a happy family with Tanuja, Natasha and he is ready to do anything to get his family back. Abhishek gets furious and goes to Rishi and talks to him about it. Abhishek tells Rishi that he is the most horrible man he has ever met because he is using a child for his false intentions. Rishi says that it is his family who he is trying to get back. Abhishek once again points out Tanuja’s past and says that it is the same family in front of whom he was getting married to someone else and was ready to break Tanuja ‘s heart. Abhishek and Rishi get into an argument.  Tanuja comes and tells Abhishek that he needs to go to Natasha’s school with her because it is the parents teachers meeting today.  Rishi says that he is Natasha’s father so he will go. Tanuja tells him that in front of the students and teachers in the school, Abhishek is Natasha’s father and it won’t look good on her character too if he will go as Natasha’s father. She says that Natasha will also feel weird because till today she knows that Abhishek is het father. Rishi tells Tanuja that she is refusing to understand him in front of another man. Tanuja says that Abhishek is not another man. Tanuja says that he is the man who gave her shelter when she was pregnant with Natasha. She says that he loves Natasha as much as him and he has known her for 7 more years than him. She says that right from the time of her birth, Abhishek has treated Natasha like a daughter and he has more right over her than him. Rishi gets angry after listening to Tanuja’s onclusion and leaves. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja Accepts Rishi’s Invitation To Dinner)

Tanuja goes to meet Rishi and apologizes to him for misbehaving with him. She says that whatever she said was correct but the way she said it in was not right. Rishi gets angry at Tanuja and says that she insulted him in front of some other man. They get into an argument and Tanuja tells him that all his life he has gotten engaged to other girls and he claims to be in love with her. Rishi says that he truly loves her and he made mistakes in the past but he is now a changed man.